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grilling cookbook
License to Grill by the authors of the best-selling cookbook Thrill of the Grill, are back with even more innovative, inspired, everyday and exotic recipes and techniques for grilling simply great food. It provides all you need to know about barbecue equipment, fire building, what to cook, and how to do it. In this, their fifth collaboration, the flippant, expert, creative team of Schlesinger and Willoughby have a grand time. Their gourmet recipes, shouting with flavor and simple to prepare, draw you into the fun.

License to Grill starts with soups and salads, then carries on to beef, poultry, and lots of seafood and veggie dishes. Sections on Hobo Packs (cooked in foil), skewer recipes, and grilled desserts are appealing. The chapter on barbecuing and smoke roasting is outstanding.
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