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Jean-Georges cookbookInterested in terrific food? Good. The first thing to do is buy Jean-Georges cookbook. Then clear your calendar for the next 150 days. At a recipe a day, that's how long it will take to go from cover to cover. Your old life? Buy this book and kiss your old life goodbye. You won't regret it. Most recipes that come out of high-end restaurant kitchens either are not feasible in a home kitchen with home cooking skills, or they produce the kind of contrived food you wouldn't think to serve--the kind of food you go out to a restaurant to have served to you. However, in this cookbook you will find readily accessible recipes using supermarket ingredients.

While many of the recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare, the meals remain elegant and intensely flavorful. The Jean-Georges cookbook will help the home cook prepare gourmet restaurant-style food right from their own kitchen.
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by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Mark Bittman

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