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Sophia Loren's Italian cookbook Sophia Loren's Italian cookbook, Recipes and Memories, offers over 100 recipes for cooking traditional Italian food with flavors from all over Italy. Recipes are arranged by course--anti-pasta through desserts blended with personal memorabilia and her Italian family influences that helped develop her cooking skills.

Stand-out dishes include a lovely herb-perfumed lamb stew from Naples and a sweet-savory rice dish made with turkey, chestnuts, and dried fruit. Loren offers the home cook a way to create authentic traditional Italian dishes, with some recipes using contemporary Italian pan-style cooking techniques. Readers will enjoy Loren's personal favorite pasta sauce that comes from the north coastal regions of Liguria. This un-cooked sauce recalls the famous pesto genovese, but it relies on parsley in lieu of basil and has the added protein of pureed anchovies. This enrichment of fish in a pasta sauce obviates the need for cheese, so this sauce may well become a staple for cooks eager to avoid cheese's saturated fats.

The recipes in her new cookbook are models of clarity, and Sophia's introductory notes, color photographs and other asides leave no doubt that the author is a serious, passionate cook with the love and appreciation of the tradition and flavors of Italian food from all across Italy. Sophia Loren's Recipes will compliment any cookbook collection.
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