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The word "barbecue" refers to a method of cooking or social gathering where the carcass of an animal is roasted whole. Man, (or Woman, depending on who was doing the cooking at that time) has used the barbecue method for cooking food ever since he or she figured out how to finally get the first coals started.

Amazingly, to this day, this same problem still exists. Even with all of the high-tech fluids and electrical gadgets on the market for lighting charcoal, you still here the cook mutter, " I'm still waiting for the coals to get ready". None the less, everyone enjoys a barbecue. The smoked flavor of food cooked on a barbecue simply can not be matched by kitchen methods. From a day at the park to the backyard on the Fourth of July, nothing can compare to the aroma and taste of food cooked on the grill.

Barbecue Types

There are dozens upon dozens of various types of barbecues on the market today. They range from the basic grill to the elaborate covered gas/electric motorized rotisserie models. When shopping around for a barbecue you should remember two things. First is to look for a type that will fit your needs. If you will only be cooking for a few people or only cook small amounts at any given occasion then you would not want to buy a grill that will cook 10 chickens at one time. If you are planning to take your barbecue on trips to the beach or when you go camping, then you would want a smaller compact type like a Hibachi or a small brazier. If you think you will be cooking roasts then be sure to buy a hooded type. Above all, remember that it is not the equipment that cooks a delectable gourmet barbecued meal, it's the cook!

The Hibachi is generally a square or rectangular shaped cast aluminum or cast iron unit with short stubby legs or a flat bottom that can be set on a table or bench and is ideal for use on balconies, picnics, and camping trips. It is also great for preparing appetizer's and cooking small pots of specialty foods. It can be used for grilling small cuts of meat, vegetables or even fruit. Try taking small chunks of marinated steak meat, skewer with a toothpick and grill over medium hot coals. Do the same with sausage or try meat balls. Excellent for parties and family gatherings. People can serve themselves right from the grill. The Hibachi also has different height settings for the grill and some models have air vents.

The Weber style is an excellent all aroundweber barbecue barbecue that can be used for everything from cooking a hamburger to roasting a turkey. It is a round egg shaped unit with three legs, two of which have wheels for moving around. It has a dome shaped removable lid with air vents on the lid as well as on the bottom of the body which are located just below the coals. This allows air intake control as well as exhaust control. The greater the air intake, the hotter the coals will burn. You can virtually shut the air flow down where it will cook on a very low temperature and still keep the coals burning. These units will allow you to start cooking at a high heat for searing meat and then by reducing the air flow, finish cooking at a lower temperature.

I use the Weber for just about all my barbecuing. One of my favorites is roasting a stuffed turkey in the Weber. This is done by scraping the coals to the side into two small piles and placing the bird in a pan in the center of the grill. This keeps the heat going up and around the bird creating a oven like atmosphere with smoke. (this recipe will be available in the near future).

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